11"-12.75" Billet Aluminum Adjustable Splitter Support Rod (Pair)

11"-12.75" Billet Aluminum Adjustable Splitter Support Rod (Pair)


Adjustable billet aluminum support rods are designed for use on splitters, spoilers, and wings. Our unique design allows for maximum strength, lightness, and durability while delivering a clean aesthetic appearance. The ends are reverse-threaded to allow for adjustability without removing the part, and 5/16-18 mounting hardware is included.

Our support rods are machined at a California-based facility from 6061 aluminum, using high quality, fine threaded rod ends allowing for full adjustability.

  • Support Rod Specs

    Support Rod Info:

    • Wrench Flats machined into barrel for ease of adjustability
    • Barrels are Left/Right Hand Threaded
    • Premium Mounting Hardware is Standard

    Our splitter hardware set uses flush head allen drive bolts and a CNC machined countersunk aluminum component to increase the contact surface area of your splitter hardware, decreasing the risk of bolt pullout. Made in the USA.


    Care for your Rods!
    Please remember to care for your rods properly! Since these are track-oriented parts, they are intended to be well cared for and not abused. Damp, wet, snowy, and salty roads in excess will cause surface oxidation on the rod ends. The longevity of your parts is directly correlated to how you care for and store them, so treat them nicely!