AR | S.I.T.H. Bronco Modular Bumper Shackles

AR | S.I.T.H. Bronco Modular Bumper Shackles


AR | SITH Modular Bumper Shackles   -   Common Hardware Reimagined


As of 12/25/21 the Pre Order has begun. S.I.T.H. Shackles will be shipping in February. Following the release of the first run, we will be producing small lots of custom colors and finiahes of S.I.T.H.s. Follow the thread on BRONCO6G for the latest news!:


The offroad industry is full of off the shelf, questionable quality shackles. Instead of sourcing our parts from others the industry and rebranding or co-branding with an existing manufacturer, we went to work to design a bespoke shackle for our Broncos from scratch.



Our S.I.T.H. shackles for the 2021+ Ford Bronco Modular Bumper a 100% ARCHETYPE RACING and made from robust 7075 T6. This is the same aluminum alloy found in structural aircraft components, like wing ribs and spars and structural bulkheads. This is an substantial upgrade to the common 6061 found throughout the industry.


*NOTE- Shackles are sold only in pairs. S.I.T.H.s are a Left Hand/Right Hand pair.


The design of the S.I.T.H. conforms nicley with the Bronco's bumper and has the presence of a bespoke part. Incorporated into its great looks are features like a counterbore that pockets the 3/4" stainless steel bolt that mounts the shackle to the bumper. This gives the S.I.T.H. its very clean appearance. We take the design a step further by post machining the finish to expose the raw aluminum in the high wear area of the trough of the shackle and further smoothing the transition, as to not cause any snag points for todays synthetic recovery gear.


The S.I.T.H. is machined to exacting tolerances. This allows a snug fit on the OEM provided mount locations of the modular bumper. This precise fitment ensures that there will be no clanking or jingling from the shackles as you drive down the road or off road. The S.I.T.H. can easily be removed and installed with a hex drive. But why would you ever want to take it off?


Item Notes:


  • Designed for Archetype Racing by Reut Design Co.
  • S.I.T.H. ship in pairs.
  • 2 X 18-8 Stainless 3/4"X2.5" mount bolts are provided (70,000 PSI Tensile Strength ea.)
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
  • Please email for an international shipping quote
  • Expect a four to six week lead time
  • 20% discount available to forum members. Email for information or visit
  • FEA Data will be provided soon!