CAVALIER  Wing End Plates for GTC-200

CAVALIER Wing End Plates for GTC-200


This is a modified version of the popular GT250 TEMPLAR end plate.  These are 4mm thick carbon fiber end plates that are similar to the OEM. The CAVALIER end plates will add downforce to your GTC-200 wing. Being larger than what the OEM provides, the CAVALIERS will do a much better job at mitigating high pressure spill over from the top surface or high pressure side of your wing to the low pressure side. They are also adjustable, unlike the OEM part. You are able to keep the end plate top surface parallel to the ground, as you adjust the airfoil for more angle of attack. They are sold as a pair. You will reuse your existing hardware. They are only available in raw carbon fiber and ready for you to customize. If you are running an APR GTC-200 wing, this is a direct replacement.