EVOLUTION V Front Splitter

EVOLUTION V Front Splitter


Fitment is for any 15-20 GT350R or standard GT350 with an OEM R front splitter installed.


Improving on the previous EVOLUTION 3, the EVOLUTION 4 brings to the table another round of enhancements. What really sets the 4 apart is the integration of proprietary Delignit wear blocks. Six high wear, low friction pieces of Delignit are machined specifically for this specialized front splitter. This is endurance car technology brought to the weekend track toy or race car. Material and application literally pulled directly from the ranks of LeMans, DTM, NASCAR, and F1.

Delignit wear blocks will cost roughly $70 each to replace, but will extended the longevity of your splitter for several seasons beyond its ‘normal’ service life. They can be ordered individually, as needed, or you can pick up a couple extra blocks, if you’re familiar with your local tracks and already know which areas experience the most wear on your splitter.

Delignit is a Beech based composite that is created under extreme heat and pressure. This yields a wood bond that’s ultra dense and not found in nature. Think in the lines of petrified wood. What this means to you is a rather light but ultra durable wear surface that not only will last, but will create minimal drag or upset the car’s balance, and not damage the track surface, like common steel or Ti parts. It’s 1/10th the weight of steel the same size but nearly ½ its strength, with 95% less friction.

For a lower cost option for the street/track car, you can now opt to not add the machined lightening pockets to your splitter. Not adding the lightening will leave the splitter at roughly 20 pounds, compared to the 14 pounds of the fully machined version. If you primarily street drive your car, the only place you'll see the difference is in your wallet.

Taking it to the next level is the option to add the lightening pockets. Simply put, it makes the splitter lighter.

With either option, you can add the Delignit wear skids. The trade off is that it will slightly increase the weight of the splitter, but will extend it's service life indefinitely.


Key Features for the EVO  4 are:


  • Conical slotted mount points. This will always ensure perfect fitment while also playing better with the low pressure air below the splitter.
  • All EVO 4’s will have the rear slotted to accept the ARCHETYPE RACING Strato Splitter Extension.
  • The leading edge projection will be radiused to aid in airflow and also give the leading edge the ability to ride up onto a curb without wearing away as quickly.  


This splitter utilizes the existing R splitter mounting holes with included longer hardware. You will also receive a pair of high quality billet aluminum 9.5" adjustable support rods and upper and lower mounts.


Production Notes


  • Please allow 3 to 6 weeks production lead time, unless notifed of in stock status at the time you place your order. You will receive shipment tracking, once your parts has shipped.
  • International shipping is available. Please email pitcrew@archetyperacing.com for a shipping quote.
  • Track Mustangs Online Forum Members, Active Duty, Veterans, LEOs, and First Responders are eligible for a 10% Discount. Please email pitcrew@archetyperacing.com for a custom invoice.


*Please contact pitcrew@archetyperacing.com for international (+AK, HI) shipping quote

Allow three week lead time. If you need one for an NASA or IMSA event, please reach out for accellerated delivery.