CORSAIR Rear Diffuser

CORSAIR Rear Diffuser


Fitment for this rear diffuser will be all 15-20 S550 Mustangs. The NACA ducting will be GT350(R) specific. Due to COVID-19, manufacturing has slowed. We're still pushing for a summer release date for the CORSAIR. Stay tuned.


Truly an aero component that has been long overdue for the GT350. I present to you the Corsair Rear Diffuser. This will be the final piece of what has been dubbed the "Aero Infinity Gauntlet" by my friend Adam. The other parts being the Archetype Racing Aggressor Front Splitter, Strato Front Splitter Extension, Flanker Side Splitters, and Helldiver Rear Spats. We've moved to a conceptual design with this project. There is still 50+ hours of CAD work and probably double that in CFD before a working piece is laid up into its mold.

The ideal design for an actual motorsport rear diffuser for S550 GT350 would be:

1) Removal of the OEM rear close out panel- Ford Part No: FR3Z-6P013-D (Throw it in a dumpster)
2) Two to four additional support points will need to be added to the under body of the car to support the new diffuser. We all already know that the OEM rear bumper cover clips will not support the OEM close out panel and rear exhaust valance.
3) Full length smooth panel from the differential to rear exhaust valance. This will also incorporate a ~16" long X ~5" gradually sloping expansion chamber X full width of the rear exhaust valance.
4) Minimum of four full length strakes. Possibly two more center positioned strakes that project forward of the rear differential to aid in airflow management.
5) Outboard strakes will come close to the ground. (wear item that can be removed and replaced, as needed) Gradually angling from center to the outboard portion of rear valance. The primary purpose of these strakes is to mitigate tire squirt and high pressure air from entering the expansion chamber. This will also increase the low pressure area that will develop between the two most outboard strakes.
6) Two parallel longitudinal strakes, approximately 40" in length, from the diff to valance will be employed to control and stabilize the low pressure air as it enters the expansion chamber.
7) An appropriately sized NACA duct (CFD) will be positioned forward of the rear differential heat exchanger. This duct will perform two functions. A) Provide the heat exchanger with cooling ram air. B) Create a venturi that draws additional air from the low pressure portion of the underneath between the longitudinal stabilizing strakes. This will increase the pressure differential between the low pressure vehicle under body and high pressure expansion chamber, literally sucking the rear of the car to the pavement.
That takes us to today. 1/2/2020. The pictures are the SolidWorks conceptual files for the rear diffuser. At this stage, they are still devoid of details like: mount point locations, NACA ducting, strake size, and overall dimensions. I assure you, all of this will be addressed in the final design.

This will not be a flat 2 dimension plate with parallel strakes. The strakes will be full length and project to the road surface as close as your front splitter. The strakes will be replaceable. I am debating on shipping the diffuser with street and track strakes. I know a lot of guys will want to also run this on the street, counting myself as one of them, and replacing strakes due to street wear is not something I'm fond of.

The diffuser will be a combination of carbon fiber and carbon composite. Composite is nearly as light as carbon fiber but will not shatter on impact like carbon fiber, due to the lack of resin needed for it to hold its form. It's heat and pressure molded to be as strong as alloy. If you're familiar with an FP350S front splitter, this would be the same material, and you would also be familiar with its durability on track.

Like everything else I design and sell, it's not built for margin or to meet a predetermined price point. It's built to do the job and the price to do that is the price. There would be an add with a full compliment of composite 'street' strakes, if that option box is checked at check out. This would also include new machined aluminum mount brackets, black stainless hardware, and free freight in the continental US. I'd also work with any Canadian GT350's to get one in their hands. I've already shipped splitters to Canada and honestly, the add in shipping is not that bad. I've already taken deposits for the first three. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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