GT350 THUNDERBOLT Side Splitter Extensions

GT350 THUNDERBOLT Side Splitter Extensions


Ever since seeing the new GT500, you’ve wanted them. Those sweet GT500 side splitter extensions. Well, ARCHETYPE RACING now has then available for your GT350 but they’re bigger, better, and badder! Just the way you’d like it.


The THUNDERBOLT side splitter extensions are made from the same robust carbon composite that the front splitters utilize. You won’t have to worry about rocks and road debris wearing away at the finish or an encounter with a curb on the race track damaging them. The THUNDERBOLT will take a beating and keep on going.


The design was absolutely inspired by the extensions on the GT500. The +1" THUNDERBOLT is slightly longer and slightly wider than what the GT500 has at 9 inches of total width. The Standard Projection is also wider and longer than the GT500's extension at 8 inches of total width. A little longer and a little wider always helps, right? These subtle increases in dimensions increase their functionality. They were developed to work well with the AR line of splitters or the OEM Ford Performance splitters. If you plan to pick up an ARCHETYPE RACING splitter in the future, go ahead and save yourself the anguish and just get the +1" projection version of the THUNDERBOLT, as long as you’re not planning on the standard TRACK BRAWLER.


If you’re rocking an ARCHETYPE RACING:




You’ll want to opt for the extra inch version of these extensions. They will match up perfectly to the splitter and further aid in mitigating high pressure air roll off under the car.


If you have the OEM R splitter, OEM standard GT350 Splitter, or an ARCHETYPE RACING Track Brawler, you will want the Standard Projection spec for the THUNDERBOLT.


Key Features:

  • Made in the USA from .40 carbon composite
  • Stainless mounting hardware is included
  • Instructions are included
  • Full bolt on design. No cutting or body modifications required.


Product Notes


  • Please allow 3 to 6 weeks production lead time, unless notifed of in stock status at the time you place your order. You will receive shipment tracking, once your parts has shipped.
  • International shipping is available. Please email for a shipping quote.
  • Track Mustangs Online Forum Members, Active Duty, Veterans, LEOs, and First Responders are eligible for a 10% Discount. Please email for a custom invoice.