SPITFIRE Front Splitter

SPITFIRE Front Splitter


Fitment is for the GT350R or a standard GT350 with an R OEM front splitter. This will fit all 15-20 cars with the OEM R front splitter. The VALKYRIE is identical in shape, and less in cost, but does not have the proprietary Delignit skid system.


There’s a new front splitter is on the scene! This masterpiece has all the projection you’ll need, for a track focused car. Gone are the OEM style ‘fangs’ and you get a constant projection that incorporates radius leading edge.  Where things get serious about this splitter is underneath. There is a lot of machining in this piece, to accommodate for the countersunk and slotted mounting locations, lightening pockets, and lastly the recesses underneath that locate the proprietary Delignit Wear Blocks. The size of this splitter, along with the additional machining, and supplied Delignit, really cranks up the cost. To get the most absolute life of the Spitfire, it was necessary to make Delignit standard. Maintaining these blocks will keep your Spitfire in service for many seasons.


Other features added to the Spitfire are:

  • Conical slotted mount points. This will always ensure perfect fitment while also playing better with the low pressure air below the splitter.
  • All Spitfires will have the rear slotted to accept the ARCHETYPE RACING Strato Splitter Extension. (Sold Separately)
  • Spitfires will ship with two pairs of support rods, wheel wickers, and all of the mounting hardware.
  • The Delignit part numbers will be machined into the corresponding machined pocket that the Delignit mounts to, to ensure correct reorder of parts.
  • The leading edge projection will be radiused to aid in airflow and also give the leading edge the ability to ride up onto a curb without wearing away as quickly.  
  • Delignit is recyclable! Yay!
  • Allow three week lead time. If you need one for an NASA or IMSA event, please reach out for accellerated delivery.

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