PODIUM Replacement Delignit Skids

PODIUM Replacement Delignit Skids


Delignit replacement skids for your ARCHETYPE RACING splitters. These are the same dimensional thickness as what arrived on your splitter originally. If you opted for a pocketed splitter with UHMW placeholders, you will need the entire set.


What is Delignit? This data is pulled directly from the German Delignit website. The specific variant used for motorsport is Panzerholz. Data sheets are also available... if you read German.




Delignit® Panzerholz®

The cost-effective alternative to metals in model construction

Especially in mechanical engineering and tool and jigmaking.

  • Highly compressed material
  • Almost fully matches the technological properties of metallic materials
  • Easy workability
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Anti-static
  • Especially favourable gliding characteristics
  • Weatherproof for protected outdoor areas
  • Can be used wherever metals are not suitable
  • Unproblematic disposal