The SPECTRE QUANTUM swan neck wing. 100% tailor made for the S550 Mustang. Everything from the uprights, the STILETTO trunk supports, and the airfoil were meticulously designed to conform to the S550's trunk shape, over body airflow, and overall bodylines.


The SPECTRE QUANTUM uprights are 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and machined to exacting tolerances. Each upright pair consists of 6 main components. All of which have hidden hardware for a very finished and smart look. There are no obvious mechanical fasteners attaching everything. This makes for a very visually appealing desing and one that the airflow really appreciates.


The standard SPECTRE QUANTUM utilizes an industry first adjustment ring with a single fastener locking point per upright. You'll have ultra easy adjustments, throughout it's 18 degrees of angle with the use of the supplied SOL 3/8 drive stainnless steel socket.


The uprights will be factory finished in anodized solid satin black. The uprights are further refines with post machined features throughout the windows and attachment points. This is standard on the SPECTRE QUANTUM.


The goals for this swan neck design were simple.

Useable downforce

Ultra low drag

A very clean appearance.


You will notice that the wing height is reminiscent of the GT4 but that's really where the similarities end. Quick specs for the airfoil are: 72" span, 11" chord, and a thickness of 1.1" Through CFD, taking into account the airflow and downdraft produced by the car, this airfoil design yields goal reaching numbers, in both low drag and optimum downforce. CFD was performed with the wing mounted on the car for more real world data and results. The wing was not run in CFD in space (clean air) for optimum numbers. Angle of attack adjustments for the SPECTRE QUANTUM are neutral to +17 degrees, in 1 degree increments.


Key Features:


  • 6061 Billet Aluminum Uprights
  • Full Carbon Fiber Construction Airfoil and 3D end plates
  • Optimized Design for S550 (direct bolt on for GT350R and GT500 CFTP trunk lid)
  • Ships With All Stainless Hardware, STILETTO Trunk Support Mounts, SOL socket, and Detailed Installation Instructions (Bolt on for GT350 R Trunk or GT500 CFTP Trunk)
  • Utilizing the proprietary STILETTO Trunk Support a carbon fiber trunk lid can be used.
  • Shipping to 48 States is Included
  • Please email pitcrew@archetyperacing.com for an International Shipping Quote